Palace 88
Isaac Brest / Nick Darmstaedter / Jack Greer / Alex Ito / Brendan Lynch / Dylan Lynch / Jack McConville / Haley Mellin / Alex Perweiler / Zachary Susskind / Augustus Thompson
East Broadway Mall - New York, NY
May 1st 2014 

Brendan Lynch 
Bob Ross 2, 2013 
Oil on canvas 
21 x 17 inches 

L-R: Brendan Lynch, Louis Eisner, Dylan Lynch 

L-R: Alex Ito, Haley Mellin, Nick Darmstaedter 

Nick Darmstaedter 
Barefoot and Pregnant Card, 2014 
Oil on canvas 
24 x 112.25 inches 

Alex Ito 
Retaining Social Contracts (back alley), 2014 
Dimensions variable 


Haley Mellin 
2988_richter.jpg, 2014 
Oil and Epson Ultrachrome inkjet on Epson matte canvas 
24 x 18 inches 

Zachary Susskind 
Neighbor, 2014 
Dimensions variable 

Alex Perweiler and Louis Eisner 
Raft, 2014 
Steel, aluminum, unprocessed c-prints, canned water and rubber
84 x 60 x 24 inches 

L-R: Alex Ito, Jack Greer, Alex Ito  

L-R: Alex Perweiler, Jack McConville, Alex Ito, Dylan Lynch, Haley Mellin 

Alex Ito 
Climax to All Things Personal, 2014 
Dimensions variable 


L-R: Dylan Lynch, Haley Mellin 

Dylan Lynch 
Standing Alone with Three Cinderblocks (Peach), 2014 
Crowbar, cinderblocks 
32 x 27 x 5.5 inches 

Haley Mellin 
Richter_candles1, 2014 
Oil and Epson Ultrachrome inkjet on Epson canvas 
24 x 18 inches 

Isaac Brest 
Right Side Up, 2014 
Drywall in artist frame 
72 x 48 inches 

Alex Perweiler 
Fast Acting, 2014 
UV curable ink, paint on aluminum panel 
72 x 48 inches 

L-R: Jack McConville, Louis Eisner 

Jack McConville 
Seven Dollar Shower II, 2014 
Oil on canvas 
47.5 x 39.5 inches 

L-R: Louis Eisner, Augustus Thompson 

Louis Eisner 
xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx ############# @@@@@@@@@@@@@, 2013 
Inkjet print in unique artist frame 
29 x 25 inches