Set in Stone
10/23/15 - 11/15/15
HOWARD ST - New York, NY
Dylan Lynch
Press Release

Will (Waiting), 2015
Carrara marbled vinyl, MDF, portable CD players and CD recordings of Paulist Boy Choristers of California singing Handel’s Messiah (December 13, 1997)
Dimensions variable

Self-Portrait, 2015
Archival pigment print
11 x 8 inches

Lost Cause, 2015
Sandblasted steel on dyed Merino wool, knit by the artist’s mother
23 x 34 x 57 inches

The Wall and the Confession, 2015
Plaster, joint compound, and 9-minute looped audio recording of artist’s confession on headphones
96 x 42.13 inches

Turns Out I’m Not so Good at This, 2015
Confession screen enclosing gallery’s back room, used by artist for plaster production
153.5 x 120 x 159 inches

Breath on the Water, 2015
Plaster, plastic, and water
115 x 115 x 36 inches